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Largo A. Olivetti, ex Via Elemosina  - Park Namastè

95022 Fraz. S. Nicolò - Aci Catena - Catania - Sicily - Italy | Email : info@birrificionamaste.com |

Tel : +39 (095) 3789408

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I believe in a firm humanistic: a company that responds in the most noble form with all the rules of ethics that man has defined in the course of the centuries. I dream of a form of capitalism in contemporary humanistic with strong ancient roots, where profit is results without harm or offense to anyone, and part of the same you use for every initiative that can improve the condition of human life: services, schools, places of worship, and recovery of cultural heritage.

In my organization the point of reference is the common good, as guidance tool for the pursuit of prudent actions and brave. In my business I put man at the centre of any production process, because they are convinced that human dignity there is returned only through the rediscovery of the conscience.

In the path of every day listening to the word of the great ones of the past, from Socrates to Seneca to Kant, from Marcus Aurelius, to Alexander the great St. Benedict. I believe in the quality and in the beauty of a handmade product; I think that there could not be quality without humanity.

(Brunello Cucinelli)

Giancarlo DI GIULIO


Brewery Namastè

Our Company was founded in December 2014 with the aim to produce a Craft Beer that came from outside the classical schemes, known until today, they produce 12 types of Beer on 3 Lines ( Premium - Amurusa - Special ), thus covering a large range of partners (B2B) that identify us as a partner attentive and professional,  with great attention towards the consumers, which, in turn, recognise to our products features the Highest Quality production, sensory and organoleptic out of the ordinary.

In the year 2018, the Brewery Namastè was awarded two awards very sought-after in italian breweries; for the packaging of the Premium Line we got the prize "Label of Silver, 2018 "and for the product of ARETUSA always the Premium Line of the" Hop Silver 2018 " by Federbirra (National Association of Breweries Italian).

Innovate while remaining faithful to the tradition.

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Production plant

Factory in Aci Catena - Sicily - Italy

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